It’s not only about the move you make, it’s about the sacred space you enter

What does Yogaweek offer?

Yogaweek was founded in 2008. We invite you into stillness and a deep witnessing by means of yoga and meditation, reminding you of silence and love.  

The programme involves different yoga styles (hatha, yin and kundalini), dynamic and quiet meditations, breathwork,  coaching- and training exercises as well as bodywork.

What do we do?

My name is Katja Vermeulen, and I have been providing yoga- and meditation retreats and individual sessions since 2008. My retreats are about connecting to love, silence and connect with your true self and support a deep inner transformation. Which allows you a more relaxing attitude towards your life. 

For the retreats on Ibiza, I collaborate with Jasmin Hagenaars from Yoga Change Ibiza. We are currently in our fifth year of providing powerful retreats with themes such as: Inner Change, Love Yourself and Relax & Shine.

To embrace yourself in a deeper dimension

The impact of Yogaweek?

During our programs, you strengthen and purify yourself through stillness.

Away from the daily grind, work and family dynamics, you return to a place where you can witness with clarity. A renewed clarity that also supports you in walking your path of life. 

During our programmes you are encouraged to release old patterns or stress, to release tensions and access inner peace and quietness more easily.

In our daily lives, we are tempted to make things complex. During our retreats you learn to take things in life more lightly, from a center that’s genuine to you.

With enough awareness to your own well-being to confidently guide yourself.

Yogaweekend in the Netherland?

During these weekends, we focus on ‘the silent centre’ by means of yoga, meditation, breathwork, sweatlodge ceremony, silence walks and exercises in a beautiful retreat center in nature, with a vegetarian menu.

The team during Weekends consists of: Katja Vermeulen, a cook and sweat lodge leader.

  • Silent Centre Weekend 28, 29, 30 May 2021
  • Silent Centre Weekend 17, 18, 19  September 2021
  • Silent Centre Weekend 5, 6, 7 November 2021

Team Weekends: Katja Vermeulen, a cook (and if there is a sweatlodge man or woman).

Program, prices & location

Information weekends

These weekends help you recharge, find peace and quiet, as well as inspiration for any next steps in your life. For each theme, the classes and exercises are different. You can participate with no or very limited yoga and meditation experience.

Yoga and meditation are ways to deeply connect to yourself and your body, discover which things blocks you, as well as what is possible for you. You learn to look at yourself from a place of  silence. Through this deeper relationship with yourself, you will find it easier to open up to new possibilities, let go of what does not serve you and access your inner life force.

Theme: A weekend which focuses on looking inward by finding your silent centre (again). You learn to connect yourself to the silence in between sounds and thoughts, giving you direct access to the intuitive insights that guide your next steps in life.

Details: The weekend starts on Friday at 17:00, with the opening ceremony at 19:30. The weekend ends on Sunday at 16:00 to give you enough time to return home and prepare for the week ahead. The location offers one-person and two-person bedrooms.

Programme: The classes combine different yoga and meditation techniques, breathwork- and mindfulness exercises, relaxing movements, (silence) walks, sweat lodge ceremony and interventions. 

Food: The vegetarian meals help your body rest and recharge. 

Costs: €599,- for a two-person bedroom (#1.5 huisgenoten), and €777,- for a one-person bedroom, incl. two nights, two full-day programmes, two evening-programmes and three meals a day. (Max 10 participants)


Waaldijk 15, Dreumel in the Dutch province of Gelderland alongside the river Waal lies a beautiful, wooden house with four two-person bedrooms, a kitchen and workshop space. The garden is large enough for outdoor activities and hosts a natural pond for taking a cold bath. Extra bedrooms are located in wooden cabins across the property. The house located on the dike, and offers breathtaking views over the countryside and river.

Yogaweek coaching

During individual sessions, I remind you of silence and love. I consider myself a translator who, through a highly developed awareness. I can simple identify were the friction in your body or emotion or mentale state of mind is.  To help you find inner strength. I might also give real-life examples of where and how you are disloyal to yourself by sticking to old patterns that do not benefit you.

More information

Energetic coaching

Our busy lives leave little space to appropriately process all of our experiences, whether mental, emotional or physical. Sidestepping or postponing this ‘processing’ often leads to blockages and tensions in your energy system. 

Do you feel stuck in a specific pattern? Do you experience difficulties creating space for ‘processing’? Or staying true to yourself? 

It can be challenging to start recognising and acknowledging certain blockages and tensions, let alone release yourself from them. My sessions offer just that space to let go of thought patterns and live through suppressed emotions. By bringing your body into a state of deep unwinding, I recalibrate the natural balance between contraction/tension and relaxation.

Potential outcomes are:

  • Physical relaxation and loosening up of thought patterns. 
  • Deeper understanding of your own behaviour.
  • Improvement of (personal/work) relationships.
  • Increased confidence to make decisions.
  • Self-esteem and self-love.

Reasons to book a session:

  • Physical tensions or pains in the body that ask for further inquiry or deepening of feeling.
  • Stress symptoms.
  • Learning to let go of (self-imposed) mental pressure.
  • Untangling negative (old) thought patterns.
  • Desire to stay true to oneself.

What I do: Through different methods, I help you lovingly witness and let go of behavioural patterns, unprocessed emotions and thoughts that do not serve you anymore. Depending on your case and preference, I use family constellations or energetically look into your life’s current dynamics. Together, we look at what parts of your body ask for much needed attention. Even issues that might go back in time, can present themselves to us in the present — and attending them during a session can bring about a sense of long-awaited liberation.

What a session looks like: In the session, we look in what ways your life force is still limited. Often, this is related to your ‘survival’ patterns and the adjustments you have (subconsciously) made in this life. ‘Survival’ patterns can originate from you as a person, but also your soul, family or process of incarnation.

We start each session with a few questions, and soon after you move onto the mat so we can travel to your inner world, together. I look into your mental and emotional body to see where we can direct both your and my attention to make space for what it is that you need most. During these sessions, you efficiently connect on a much deeper level with (parts of) your subconscious self.

If you feel like you have been endlessly addressing the same issue, patterns or problems through regular coaching without any result — you are in the right hands. Through this way of working I can teach you what is yours and what is not, and make space to return to your own, authentic path of life.

Yoga midweek in Hilversum Hether countryside

Familiar to my work, or ready to apply some of it yourself? This programme focuses on learning more about energywork and (your own) energy management. You will experience how to purify and root yourself, as well as how to activate your self-healing potential through your silent centre. All this on a beautiful, modernised farm surrounded by Hilversum’s forests. Both private and shared rooms are available, as well as a sauna, healthy vegetarian cuisine and plenty of nature to go for hikes and a breath of fresh air.

Program, prices & location

Information Hilversum Summer MidWeek 23 t/m 27 aug 2021:

The Silent Centre offers three weekends ‘specials’ this year, one of them a deep-learning experience at the beautiful De Hoorneboeg, a former estate at the heart of National Park Hoorneboeg. 

Clear your head, find inner peace and quiet, pay attention to your body, learn new meditation techniques and other custom exercises to meet yourself on a deeper level. You can participate with no or very limited yoga and meditation experience.

Yoga and meditation are ways to deeply connect to yourself and your body, discover what blocks you, as well as what is possible for you. You learn to look at yourself from a place of silence. Through this deeper relationship with yourself, you will find it easier to open up to new possibilities, let go of what does not serve you and access your inner life force.

For those familiar with my work, this can be the perfect way to deepen your practise.

Theme: In this midweek, you learn how to activate your self-healing capacities, both for yourself, as well as for other individuals and your surroundings. You will find peace and quiet through breathwork and slow movement exercises. You learn how to sense clearly, regain your intuitive confidence en purify yourself on a deeper level while activating a connection to your higher self.

The deep-learning focus lies with healing and activating from the silent centre, both for you personally as well to use it to support others.

Focus: activate self-healing capacities, teacher training, finding your silent centre, learn to allow guidance, learn to strengthen your rooting and/or purifying, deeper understanding of emotions and their effects. 

Details: The programma starts on Monday at 10:00. You can check in from 9:30 onwards. The programme allows for some private time to rest, make use of the sauna or take a walk around the National Park. 

Programme: The classes combine different yoga and meditation techniques, breathwork- and mindfulness exercises, relaxing movements, (silence) walks, sweat lodge ceremony and other performance- facilitator- and systemic exercises. 

Food: The vegetarian meals help your body rest and recharge. 

Costs: €1700,- for a one-person bedroom with bathroom, incl. all nights, full-day programmes, three meals a day, use of sauna and access to the National Park.


Location: De Hoorneboeg

During the multi-day retreats at De Hoorneboeg you can literally get a look at your life from a different angle, and find new inspiration.

The retreats take place at monumental farmhouses which still have their traditional details while catering to all levels of comfort.

The central space is serene and light with an interior mix of vintage, design and natural materials. You sleep on the attic, cosy under the sloped roof.

Bordering the heath, with a large garden, you will find this the perfect place for a retreat.

Yogaweek on Ibiza

In collaboration with Jasmin Hagenaars (Yoga Change Ibiza) we host seven retreats a year on Ibiza. During these weeks, I focus on family constellations and individual sessions. 

  • Inner Change retreat Love Yourself :  2 t/m 8 Augustus 2021 & 12 t/m 18 sept 2021, 10 t/m 16 oktober 2021

Call or email me If you want information we have a New Luxe Vila Celeste (foto are not here)

were we work in August & October, and in September we work in Lotus House see pictures.

Program, prices & location

Retreat Ibiza

Are you looking for a retreat on Ibiza, full of inspiring yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, joy and all personal guidance you need to reclaim your balance?

You are most welcome to join us on one of our heartwarming yoga and mindfulness retreats. 

A retreat gives you the opportunity to find balance. Our lives can be so stressful, that we forget about life’s joyful side. Our retreats help you find bliss (again).

Why this is for you:

  • High-quality yoga classes
  • Step-by-step mindfulness teachings
  • Transformative therapies
  • Idyllic accommodation
  • Excursion on Ibiza
  • Healthy foods
  • Nature walks
  • Personal guidance and time

Renewal, relaxation and transformation. A great foundation of yoga and mindfulness that you can apply in your daily life. It will support you in living more from an inner flow. It brings you (back) to your most natural sense of bliss and passion for life! Giving you exactly the inspiration you need.


Inner change & Love yourself (Lotus House):

Casa Shanti is sold. This year we work in a very luxe villa (Casa Celeste):


These yoga and mindfulness retreats take place on the island of Ibiza, also known as a hippy-Utopia. Its beautiful nature makes it easy to return to you most genuine self. Enjoy Ibiza’s magic. 

Theme: The names of the retreats cover the programme: Inner change, Love Yourself en Relax & Shine.

All meditations and yoga classes are accessible to beginners.

Programma: The yoga styles are a mix of mindfulness, kundalini yoga, hatha yoga and yin yoga. The focus lies on awareness of NOW and aligning yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. We use breathwork and easy energy-generating as well as relaxing exercises so you move more freely, and you will see that is also reflected by a calmer mind.

The afternoons are dedicated to letting go of fears and limiting beliefs, and learning to increasingly live from the heart and your inner life force. On top, we teach you the basics of mindfulness, you discover what you really want in life and we offer practical tools to take your lessons home.

During individual coaching sessions we dig a little deeper into what blocks you subconsciously, and how you can come to more loving connection to yourself.

Time for yourself or private sessions is between 12:00 and 16:30. 

For questions reach out to

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